Due to a combination of burned out power supplies, laziness, ennui, and general malaise, there will be no page 12 this week.


There is a brand new Tweener!  And this one features the triumphant return of Sam to the pages of the Pub!

(and there was much rejoicing)

Dave and I had an absolute blast doing the anniversary comic.  These strips are very fun and satisfying to produce, and they look great.  We knew immediately that this is something that we wanted to do more often.  The original plan was to do them between major storylines (or chapters within a single storyline), but we felt that the pace at which the major Towne Pub arcs move would be too slow; it can take months (or years) to tell a complete story like Reboot to the Head, and we didn’t want to have to wait that long.

So, almost immediately, we came up with another idea: Tweeners are pretty easy to do; they take far less time than a page of the normal storyline.   So why not queue up a backlog of these strips and post them during the weeks that, for whatever reason, we don’t have a page in the main story arc finished?  Fantastic idea.

So, anxiety about switching my brain from long-term-slow-burn-epic-story-arc mode and into three-panel-gag-a-day mode quickly gave way as ideas began to pop into my head and I started to script them as quickly as I could.  We have ideas for several more of these, and I look forward to posting them to fill in the gaps (and break the tension) between parts of the larger story arc as we move forward.

Oh, one last thing.  The astute among you may have noticed that the name of this week’s strip is “quartet,” which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense given the actual content of the strip.  The reason for the name is that, right up until the last minute, this strip had a different punchline.  Originally, panel three read like this:

Sam: You guys are disgusting.

Phinn: Are you sure?  Because we’re looking for a fourth to round out the quartet.

After scripting the original strip, the other punchline came to me and, never being one to pass up a good fart joke, I ran them both past Dave to see what he thought.   Unfortunately, Dave liked the original better, so I went with that one.  Then, late Thursday afternoon, as we were making the final adjustments to the strip, I asked him one more time.  This time he relented!

And so…you get a fart joke.  Enjoy!

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  1. Dave Grabert


  2. Powers

    Two things:

    1) I like the original one better. And partly that’s because of 2):

    2) Mark is FAR more likely to have made this comment than Sam. At least as far as the original characters were concerned.

    Powers &8^]

  3. Dave Grabert

    I think that I am confused. Are you saying that Marc would have said that Phinn and Sav were disgusting?

  4. phinn

    There is a distinction between “Marc” with a “C” (i.e. “Marc Trbarg”), and “Mark” with a “K,” who is most often referred to as “Nate” in the strip to avoid exactly this confusion :)

  5. Dave Grabert

    lol RIGHT! How quickly I forget these things! If we stay in the pub longer, I will remember our denizens better. :)

  6. Powers

    IN MY DEFENSE; the Pub version of Trebarg was hardly ever referred to as Marc at the time I created Mark aka Nate aka Quonifer the Great.


  7. Liz

    Heh… if you ever require a kender’s services, I wouldn’t mind if you used my character. ;)

  8. phinn

    Wow! “Kender”…that is a word I haven’t read in a long, long time…

  9. Liz

    I hadn’t typed it in a while either. :)

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