Happy Birthday, Ye Olde Towne Pub!

There is good news, and there is bad news.  First, the good:

If you look at the date stamp at the bottom of that very first strip, you’ll notice that it says “March 31st, 2000.”  Back when I first launched the strip I had been planning on doing 3 strips a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and it just so happened that that first Friday fell on the 31st, but how could I resist posting the first strip a day early on my own birthday?

So, as a result, Towne Pub the comic, and yours truly, share the same birthday.  Today I turn 35, and Towne Pub turns 10.

Ten years!

To celebrate, Dave and I have produced a new strip: Happy 10th Anniversary, Towne Pub!

It’s been no secret that many of the Towne Pub readers, including Dave and me, would like to see a return to the classic Towne Pub 3-panel gag strips that we did before things started to get heavy with continuity.  At the same time, I really, really enjoy working on dense, involved story lines and full-page comics.  It’s no secret that individual stories done in this fashion take months, if not years, to complete.  And so, even if we pause for a while in between stories, the opportunity to do gag strips will be few and far between.

That is, unless we decide to hell with it and do them anyway.

So what you’re seeing here is the first in an irregular series of continuity-independent gag strips that Dave and I will be doing from time to time.  I cannot even begin to tell you how fun and satisfying it was to put this strip together.  It was quick, and it was easy, and it looks great.  Dave and I were almost embarrassed at how stupid easy it was because, really, we should have been doing these all along.

Which brings us to the bad news that I mentioned up top there.  Even though this strip was relatively quick and easy, it did take time.  Late last week Dave and I had to decide where to invest our time, and we chose to do it here.  We absolutely did not want the 10th Anniversary to pass by without something special, and so page 12 in the continuing Reboot to the Head series sat by the wayside.  Sadly, page 12 will not be ready by this Friday.  I am not going to dump a load of work on Dave at the last minute two weeks in a row, and so we’ll be delaying page 12 until next week.

So, even though these “Tweeners” are relatively fast and fun, we likely will not have the time to do one every week.  We’ll do them as often as we can, and whenever we have an idea that is just too good to pass up, but realistically we need to make concessions.  We hope you’ll enjoy whatever we post, regardless!

As always, feedback is welcomed!  Please let us know how you like this strip, and definitely if you’d like to see more like it in the future.

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  1. Powers

    These are my favorite Pub strips, bar none.

    The longer storylines are more like the ones we wrote back in the day, but I always liked the gags more than the convoluted stories even back then. =)

  2. Chacote

    And what is Towne Pub without Trebarg running around without pants?

  3. Dave Grabert

    Favorite strip in a long time

  4. dad

    Happy B day to you and the strip.

  5. dad

    Oh bye the way I like the 2/25/2003 bday strip. It must be the subject LOL

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