Reboot to the Head 11

Page 11 in the Reboot to the Head saga is live!

This page fooled the hell out of me in a number of ways.

For one thing, I thought it was going to be ridiculously easy to do compared to the first two pages of this chapter.  We’d already set the mood, picked the layout of the bar’s interior, chose the colors and lighting.  Most of the major decisions about stuff were out of the way.  And I’d decided when I wrote the script that these 3 panels would use flat perspective, which is just insanely easier to draw when compared to the one, two, and three point perspective used in the previous 10 pages.  I’d done a quick pencil sketch of Trebarg sitting in profile at my desk at work (which was the basis for him in the first two panels here).  And by Sunday I’d drawn the most difficult piece of background work, the “St. Pauli Cat” poster that you can see hanging on the wall.

So imagine my surprise when 11:30 pm on Wednesday night rolled around and I still hadn’t finished drawing.  It felt like I wasn’t even close.  I had maybe 2 cats penciled in the first panel, and roughs for only one cat in the second.  I was in a dead panic, and falling asleep at my desk.  By 12:45 or so, I was saving and checking in the completed strip, and in another surprise, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the way it had turned out.

But I was being totally unfair to Dave.  He told me what he wanted way back in the early Fall when we first decided we were going to get serious about relaunching the strip.  He told me he wanted a backlog of at least 8 strips.  We ended up going live with only 2 strips finished.  He told me that he wanted the finished inks to him by Monday so he’d have 3 full days to color.  I typically get them to him Tuesday or Wednesday.   I accept full responsibility for these things.  It is very difficult to motivate myself to dive into the strip without some pressure on me, and this week I clearly failed to plan and took it way too far.

And, as usual, Dave saved the strip.  As recently as early this evening he had declared that we would not be making the Friday deadline.  He had a ton of work left to do, and he wanted to spend at least part of his evening relaxing and playing mass Effect 2, which he’s only playing because I begged him to so I would have someone to talk to about it, though at this point I think he’s invested enough in the series to keep going on his own steam.  Of course I told him to relax, we’d post the strip late, it was my fault, it would be OK.  And I would be playing WoW for much of the night anyway.

So, of course, Dave spent all night coloring, and he finished, with an hour to spare.  I really cannot emphasize how much of what you see on the page is Dave’s work.  It’s ridiculous how much depth, character, and life he adds to these pages.  So, if you do post any comments to this week’s strip, please take the time to thank Dave for busting his hump in getting this page finished on time!

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  1. Powers

    Good job, Gretarg!

    Mmmm, pie.

  2. trebarg


    We are both pretty happy with this one considering that yesterday morning it looked like there was NO way that this would be completed on time!!!

  3. dad

    last minute bub as always thank you Dave for trying to keep him on track. As always the strip looks great men. Good job. I just cannot wait for the next one.

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