Reboot to the Head 09

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The new Reboot to the Head page was live as of 12 am last night, but for those of you (Hi, Powers!) that may have stopped by before about 10 o’clock this morning, you would have seen an empty news post to go along with it.  I apologize for that.  Last night I was suffering from a splitting headache that only got worse as the night went on.  I typed a 2 or 3 line news post and hit the “update” button in WordPress but, alas, it did not update for whatever reason.  I know that the loyal fan….er…fans of Towne Pub hang on my every word, so I want to express how deeply, deeply sorry I am for the oversight.

I would also like to say that I’m sorry that this page is late going up.  This chapter of Reboot to the Head sees the return of Marc Trebarg, which I am very excited about.  It also features the first in-strip appearance of the redesigned character: now with 100% more necky goodness.   The reason that this page took so long to finish is that, unlike the previous chapter, the backgrounds in the panels of the next few pages will feature relatively static, interior shots.  I won’t get a chance to draw different stuff (like cars and buildings) to fill the backgrounds and try to make each panel look unique and interesting.  I want to avoid the old shortcuts from the class TP strips where backgrounds were just ill defined blobs (or, in some cases, justnothing).  Back in those days I was trying my best to update 4 times a week, and corners had to be cut to keep up with that schedule, especially given that the strips were hand drawn and inked, which made art reuse painful and laborious.

This time around, I wanted to ground the scenes in real-feeling places, and avoid the cut corners.  I would rather post a new page late, and be happy with the results, than half-ass my way through it with empty backgrounds, or shapes to fill space.  So Dave and I spent a lot of time and effort on the background of this page.  It’s setting the stage for this chapter, and it needs to feel like a place.  There has to be stuff in it.  Stuff that will be shown again in future panels.  So, I spent a lot of time drawing, and redrawing, and redrawing again.  Getting things to look good enough to make me happy.  And Dave, to his credit, did a fantastic job with the color (as always).  In particular, the lighting effects in this are just the bees knees.  Check out the mix of purple, blue, yellow, and green highlights from the neon signs.  The way that the ceiling gets swallowed up in the darkness, and the foggy atmosphere.  I think he knocked it out of the park on this one.

At any rate, the extra time and effort we put into this strip will make the next few pages flow a lot faster and easier.  We won’t have to agonize over what decor to put on which wall, what colors to use, the orientation of the tables, how many aliens there should be, etc.   All those decisions are out of the way, and now we can just go with the flow.

I expect that we will be posting the remaining pages in this chapter on time over the next several weeks, though Dave has some incredibly hectic weekends ahead (with lots of travel) that may make that difficult.  I will do my best to continue Towne Pub’s new tradition of completely open honesty, and I’ll let you know well in advance if we’re going to miss a date.

As always, we love to read your comments and e-mails :)   Also, this Tuesday we have a particularly fun update coming.  I hope you’ll check back in.

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  1. dad

    Dave did good as always I do like the neon.

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