Reboot to the Head 07

Better late than never, right?  Right?  How’s this for a Tuesday update?

With page 7, we’re approaching the thrilling conclusion of Phinn’s solo chapter of the Reboot to the Head saga.   Page 8 will be posted on time, this Friday, and we’ll be taking a brief break of a week or so to begin work on the next segment in the storyline.  I expect page 9 to be posted on or around March 5th.  I hope you’ll bear with us.

This strip was drawn over a period of a month or more.  The first two panels were done before I even started work on page 5.  I knew page 5 was going to be difficult, and I’d written the script up through the entire second chapter, so I decided to skip ahead to page 8 and work backwards while I was still working on page 4.  One of the really nice things about working ahead is that i can jump from one page to another and back whenever I hit a snag, or start to get bored.  Of course the problem there is that you end up with 6 pages in various stages of completion with nothing actually done.  And then you have to delay posting page 7 by 4 days.

But I digress.

The first two panels of page 7 were laid out, and the foreground images were penciled, weeks ago.  The last three panels remained blank for the better part of a month.  Last week I decided to bridge the gap between paper and digital, and sketched out the rough Phinn drawings for panels 4 and 5 on a sheet of scrap paper in my office at work. Instead of taking a photo with my iPhone like I did for the last panel of page 6, I brought the sketches home and scanned them in.  I’ll probably be doing more of that in the future because it lets me sketch during down time at work, which is normally a time of day when I can’t get anything done.

True story: the first few TP classic strips were almost completely written, penciled, and inked from my cubical at Nortel.  I used to waste a lot of time there.  Ah, the good old days.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy page 7, and page 8 is coming along later this week.  As always, your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

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  1. Powers

    I just want to say that I love the title. “Reboot to the Head” indeed.

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