Reboot to the Head 06

Page 6 in the Reboot to the Head series is up today.  Please let us know what you think!  The production of the last panel was fairly interesting.  I had been struggling with digital roughs at home, but I had a clear image in my head but was having trouble getting it down on paper.  It’s hard to describe, but I’m sure other artists understand how you can see something so clearly in your head, but the translation on the page just isn’t working.  While I was at work one day, I started sketching on some loose paper on my desk.  I really liked the result, so I snapped a pic of it on my iPhone, and mailed it to myself and Dave.

Panel 6.6, Phinn roughs.

Panel 6.6, Phinn roughs. Click for larger version.

Dave was actually the one that opened it up and dropped it into panel 6 in the strip.  When I got home I was able to begin penciling right on top of the photo, which, I hope you’ll agree, turned out just fine.  It’s cool to know that, if the inspiration strikes, I can sketch something out at work and quickly get it into the strip without ever needing to touch a scanner, or even be at home.  Man, I love my phone ;)

Speaking of which (sort of), I’ve decided that I probably won’t invest in an iPad, at least not the first generation.  It’s not that I don’t want one.  I absolutely do.  But my wife and I got a nice tax refund this year, which means we’ll be able to tackle some home improvement projects that we thought were out of reach this year.  I’ll be contributing any extra cash I have to that.  In the longer term, I’m seriously considering an investment in a Wacom Cintiq to replace my Wacom Graphics Tablet.  I love the tablet, but there are some drawbacks.  While I’ve gotten very good at looking at the screen while I draw on the tablet, not being able to “turn the page” so to speak, makes drawing sometimes very difficult.  If I do decide to make the investment, it won’t be for at least another year.  I also haven’t decided whether I’ll go for the 12″ or the 21″.  But, hey, it’s always nice to dream, right?

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  1. Dave Grabert


  2. phinn

    It’s the sound of the jetpack whrming up.

  3. Dave Grabert

    really? i thought that [insert your mom joke here]

  4. phinn

    I can’t. I’m already inserted into your mom.

  5. Dave Grabert

    ^^^^^ Point, game, and match folks! He really is the champion!

  6. Robert St Jacques Sr

    geeee your mom jokes good strip cant wait until the next one. Oh ya you make me wait to.

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