Reboot to the Head 04

4 weeks, 4 pages!

Solar Phinn is based on a character I played in the Star Wars role playing game for a couple of year’s in high school.  I was obsessed with Boba Fett at the time, and I wanted to play a character that wore Mandalorian armor, similar to Fett’s from The Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi.  Of course Phinn’s armor is very simplified, to make it more stylized and easier to draw, and there are some other changes as well.  Obviously missing is Boba Fett’s iconic T-Visor helmet.  Additionally, Phinn wears a full cape, while Fett has a cape over one shoulder.  Notably absent from Phinn’s costume are the wookiee scalps that Fett wears as trophies.   There are many other minor changes as well, but the similarities are inarguable.  The grey jumpsuit, the large pouches, the bracers shielding his forearms, etc.

For the past 10 years Phinn has been parading around in Towne Pub comics in this armor, but he hasn’t done much other than show it off.  He’s fired a few shots from his blaster, and even pulled out his obviously lightsaber inspired sword from time-to-time (the one you can clearly see attached to his belt in the first panel here), but he hasn’t really used the suit to its full effect before now.

I’ve decided that, in these new reboot strips, Phinn will be very keen to use the many gadgets built into the armor, and hidden in those huge pouches on his belt. For the first time ever, we also get to see what’s under the cape (which should come as no surprise to anyone).

I’m pretty excited about these new strips because it’s giving me a chance to take a fresh look at the characters, and the way that I tell stories.  I’m enjoying the artwork, which I think is some of the best stuff I’ve ever done.  And Dave’s color is a work of artistic brilliance that really brings my humble drawings to life.  But beyond all that, it’s fun to take these characters that I love so much and just play.  I really hope that you enjoy reading these pages as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.

Before I wrap this up, I would like to let folks know that we are on target to have a 5th page up a week from today (Dave is already hard at work coloring it), and the 7th and 8th pages are really coming along nicely (with the inks for the 8th page nearly complete).  Unfortunately, I have hit a bit of a wall with page 6, and it’s been stuck in limbo for the past few weeks.  I see no reason why it won’t be ready on time, but I do see a slight hiccup coming down the line.  We may need to take a brief hiatus when this first chapter is complete in about 4 weeks to give us time to queue up a few pages from the next chapter before we begin posting them.

I do not anticipate that it will take more than 1-2 weeks at most to get back on schedule.  In fact, I am not even certain we will miss a week at all.   At the same time, I do not want to sacrifice quality to keep to a schedule, so if it comes down to it, I will delay a page for a week or two rather than post one that I’m not completely happy with.  Hopefully we won’t miss a beat, and the art for page 6 will come quickly and easily this weekend, but in the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to keep everyone informed.

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  1. Powers

    Quick-release cape? Edna Mode would be proud.

  2. phinn

    I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but…excellent point :) The Incredibles is in my top 5.

  3. Robert St Jacques Sr

    I like what I am seeing Great job Bub. Nice lines and color. Story is getting to me I want to see more.

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