Reboot to the Head 01

Happy New Year!  New year, all new strips, all new Pub.  Dave and I have been hard at work for the last couple of months relearning our technique to produce comics 100% digitally.  I’ve talked about it quite a bit in recent posts, but now you get to see it first hand.

Right now I’m supposed to be at my neighbor’s celebrating the New Year.  I ducked out so I could let my dogs out, but I also wanted to make sure that this went live at 12:00 am exactly, so I took a few minutes to do so.  I’ll write something more significant tomorrow.

In the mean time…enjoy!  I hope you guys like reading these new strips and the new storyline as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.  It’s a total reboot…sort of.  You’ll see in the coming weeks, but there are clues in the prose of this very first strip.

Please…post comments!  We’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Powers

    Rebooting seems to be in the nature of the Pub. Can’t believe you left your wife hanging at midnight, though. =)

  2. Robert St Jacques Sr

    Looks good Bub, I cannot believe you did it at midnight if I knew that I would have checked it out then.

  3. phinn

    Haha. I didn’t leave her hanging at midnight. I posted the update around 11. ComicPress lets you post in advance and specify a time to go live :)

  4. juststained

    Good to see you back!

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