OK, so as a reward to those of you who actually came here, here is a synopsis of everything that I had planned in the future of the original Towne Pub series.  It would have taken me at least a decade to do all of this even if I produced strips at the same rate I did during the heyday of the comic’s run.  So here you go:

Salad Days Part 3

In the second half of this chapter Savage would be attacked by a strange being seemingly made out of pure electricity.  The monster would repeat the same line over and over: “I AM LIFE!” while attacking Savage.  Eventually, Savage would transform into his Hulk-like form, defeat the monster by drowning it in a water tower, and jump off into the sunset with the unconscious Jessica.

Salad Days Part 4

In the penultimate chapter we would have jumped several months forward in time, revealing that Savage has been trapped in this strange alternate world for several months.  He and Jessica have fallen in love, and have been traveling cross country to find a mysterious military base about which Savage has been having recurring dreams.  Unable to sleep, Savage leaves Jessica in bed at their hotel and goes for a walk only to wander to a warehouse the exactly resembles the base of which he has been having visions.  Savage breaks into the warehouse and fights to the center only to discover a series of massive glass tubes, each of which contains a different person: Trebarg, Hooter, Spiffy Ninja, and several others that he does not recognize.

Salad Days Part 5

As Savage explores and tries to find a way to free his friends, the New Guy (from Part 1) arrives to taunt him, revealing that he is in fact the Grenler.  The Grenler explains that all interdimensional travelers must travel through the Pub on their journey from one dimension to another.  The afterlife is merely one such dimension, and when Savage died on Norrath his trip necessarily took him through the Pub, which is now the Grenler’s domain, allowing the Grenler to trap his soul.  The Grenler feeds on fear, and has been tormenting Savage with visions these past months all in preparation for this final trap.  As he explains this, the mysterious energy monster from Part 2 shows up and attacks Savage, shouting “I AM LIFE!” over and over.  The resulting battle begins to destroy the warehouse, threatening Savage’s friends.  The Grenler explains that he knows that Savage’s greatest fear is that, no matter how strong he is, he will not be strong enough to save his friends.  Even as Savage hulks out he realizes that the warehouse is collapsing and his friends will be killed.  There is nothing he can do to stop it.  The Grenler feeds on this fear, and the energy beast begins to overtake Savage, finally defeating him.  But, at the last second, he begins to fade away.  At first the Grenler is furious when he realizes that someone, or something, is pulling Savage away, but he assures Savage that the next time he journeys to the Pub the Grenler will have him.

Back to Norrath

Savage wakes up to find out that Taruga, the one-eyed troll shaman, has used magic to resurrect him.  She had been trying for days, but for some reason Savage seemed to be resisting the spell.  Savage determines that the energy monster that had been attacking him in his Grenler nightmare must have been a manifestation of the resurrection spell, trying to return him to life, which is why it repeated “I AM LIFE!” over and over.  It must have been that final attack in the warehouse, during which the energy monster finally defeated Savage, that awoke him from the nightmare.  This is not the only thing that Savage learns: upon seeing Phinn he discovers that the magical nature of the world of Norrath is transforming both of them over time.  Phinn is turning into an elf and already has begin to develop pointed ears.  Savage, meanwhile, is transforming into a barbarian, which explains his recent uncontrollable facial hair growth as well as the feeling that his uniform has been shrinking.  The “Hulk” persona that Savage developed during his nightmare may have been an unconscious manifestation of the changes in his anatomy that were taking place in the real world.  Being concerned that any transformation will be irreversible, decide to hasten their journey to find Segdalen Talore, a mage that may be able to open a portal back to the Pub.

Their journey takes them through the halfling city, where they discover that Dude has been taken prisoner.  In a daring jailbreak they free their friend and journey to the Plains of Karana, with Questor Durden and his halfling druids in hot pursuit.  On the trip the are attacked by a giant cyclops that threatens to crush them all beneath his massive foot.  Savage is at first paralyzed with flashbacks to his nightmare, worried that he is not strong enough to save his friends from the cyclops, but he summons his newfound barbarian strength and fends the cyclops off long enough for Darkonne to finish it off.  Nearby, they find Segdalen, clothed in a hooded cloak, being chased around the plains by a pack of lions and save him.  He pulls back his hood to reveal his uncanny resemblance to Trebarg, and his bumbling, fumbling manner with magic.  Savage and Phinn are nervous that he will screw up the teleportation spell, but as Questor Durden shows up with an army of angry halflings they have little choice but to trust him.  Segdalen opens the portal and Savage, Phinn, Taruga, and Darkonne jump into it.

Return to the Pub

This last storyline I had not really firmly plotted out.  I knew that Savage and Phinn would return to the Pub to find it completely transformed.  The look I had imagined was the infested parts of the colony in Aliens.  They would discover the survivors one by one, beginning with Trebarg, and wake them from their Grenler-induced nightmares.  Finally, they would confront the Grenler-possessed Nate and force the Grenler out of Nate’s body by starving it of fear.  The Grenler, in its desperation, begins wildly transforming, searching for any form that may strike fear into any one of the patrons.  The last form he chooses, that of the creepy old old man, Ceeoemm is not enough and Savage manages to open a portal into another world, though which they push the Grenler, sealing him out of the Pub forever.

After that I had only vague ideas.  I thought I would possibly bring Jessica to the Pub.  I’d also thought of doing a cross over with my old Star Wars campaign characters, especially the cyborg pirate Savage.  Also, a post apocalyptic zombie infestation, and another plot around hundreds versions of either Savage or Phinn coming to the Pub with one of the versions being secretly evil and wanting to kill off the rest.  These are all still possibilities if and when we relaunch the strip!

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