Trebarg Concept

Trebarg is probably my favorite of the redesigned characters.  As longtime friends/fans of the strip probably know, Trebarg is based on a character created by Towne Pub’s own colorist, Dave Grabert (which is why Trebarg’s name is “Grabert” spelled backwards).  Unlike most of the characters in TP, Dave made Trebarg a lot more like himself than the other creators.  It’s one of the reasons why he is perhaps my favorite TP character: because he’s a normal guy stuck in an absurd universe, and he takes everything in stride.  I’ve always felt that maybe the design of the character was unfair, particularly to Dave.  He was always this oafish, fat, squishy guy.  Easy to draw, but not very nice to look at.  I’m pretty happy with the way this concept came out, and I’ll probably stick with this design if and when I start producing new strips.

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  1. trebarg

    Who you calling oafish?

    Love the new design!

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