Radioactive, Homicidal Squirrel

OK, so I talked to Dave and neither of us had nothin’.  We kind of blew our collective wads on the earlier Tuesday updates with behind the scenes updates and what not.  So I decided to try something a little fun and different and ask for sketch suggestions via my friends on Facebook.  This one came from Matt “Savage” Dolins.  Radioactive, homicidal squirrels.  He may have also specified weapons.  I don’t know.  I was short on time.

I’m thinking this will be a fun Tuesday filler if I have nothing else to post.  So check Facebook to see if I’m trolling for suggestions, but don’t expect anything spectacular; I won’t spend more than 30 minutes on the sketch (because I’d rather be spending that time on the strip).  This is just for amusement.


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  1. Dave Grabert

    LOL. You are broken, yet awesome, all at once. It’s genius.

  2. phinn

    Sav’s idea.

  3. Savage

    What can I say, there’s a lot of bizarre floating in my head. :)

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