Left 4 Dead Fan Art

I was the first of my circle of friends to purchase Left 4 Dead, and I immediately fell in love with it.  Of course, the core game play of L4D is co-op, and playing alone with 3 computer controlled companions isn’t nearly as fun as blasting through the levels with 3 real friends, so I immediately became a Left 4 Dead ambassador, extolling the virtues of the game on message boards, in other games (like WoW), and on Facebook to try and get as many of my friends to buy it as possible.  And, to my surprise, it worked!  I group of 8 or 9 other people picked the game up, and we started playing several times a week.  Whenever one of us wanted to play, we’d send a message to the others that simply said “Zomg!  Zombies!”  It didn’t take long before we just started referring to the game as “zomg zombies,” hence the caption above.

When I got my new Wacom stylus after the first one broke, this was one of the first things I drew with it.  I actually found an old picture of Uncle Sam on the internet, threw it on a background layer set to 50% opacity, and painted this right over the top of it.

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