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Hello all! I am alive. I was sick last week and on vacation over the holidays. I hope that you are all enjoying the new strips! First off, we have to apologize. We had re-sized the first two strips down inadvertently. I just fixed that and re-uploaded strips one and two. We were off by [...]

If this is your first time here since it was posted, please check out the second page of Reboot to the Head!   Now, on with the blog. Dave and I have never really worked with a backlog.  Towards the end of “Towne Pub Classic,” which I am coming more and more to think of [...]

Extremely brief update here because I need to shower and get to the gym on my way to work, but… Please check out the second Reboot to the Head strip, freshly posted this morning.  Dave and I have some particularly enlightening/amusing behind the scenes stuff involving this strip that we will put together for an update [...]

It’s a little late in the day…OK, evening, but here’s your Tuesday update.  You may recall that I mentioned we’d like to do a major update every Friday with a new blog post and a new strip, but we’d also like to update every Tuesday with some extra nugget of goodness. Today it’s a new [...]

OK, I’m still learning the ropes here.  There IS a new strip.  If you look just over there…to the left…you’ll see that the “Latest Comics” in the sidebar lists “Reboot to the Head 01.”  Go ahead.  Make with the clicking! Or, if you prefer, here’s a permalink: Now, ideally, the post accompanying each new [...]

The first strip is done.  The 2nd and 3rd are in the can.  Well…Dave tends to obsess, so no strip is really done until we post it.  But 4 is inked and ready to color.  Five is…well, 5 is crap.  But 7 and 8 are in great shape.  The 6th is in limbo.  I’ve written [...]

Heya folks. I assure you, Dave and I have been busting our butts.  I’m drawing some of my best work ever.  Well, at least I’m happier with it than I have been with most of the TP stuff that I ever did in the past.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m immensely happy with the catalog of work here on [...]

Dave and I are working on strip numbers 3 (almost done) and 4 (still early, but making progress).  We ran into a couple of hiccups this week when my power supply spontaneously fried (still waiting for Antec to get back to me so I can send it out to have it repaired/replaced), and then Left [...]

OK, that title is clearly a lie.  I’ve completed the original versions of the first two strips, but there is more work to be done on both.  Our new process is a LOT more collaborative than it ever was before.  In the old days I’d pencil and ink the strip on 8×11″ bristol board, scan it in, [...]

I had broken access to the strips earlier, but now they are fixed again! The Storyline chapters are missing right now too.   Working on it. Let me know if you encounter anything not working right. Also, look at our pretty urls now!