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Once again, Powers provokes thoughts in his comments to today’s new strip: Two things: 1) I like the original one better. And partly that’s because of 2): 2) Mark is FAR more likely to have made this comment than Sam. At least as far as the original characters were concerned. Powers &8^] First, a quick [...]

Short Version: Deeply flawed and disappointing, especially in the first third of the game.  Fortunately, things really begin to pick up in the final two acts, and the game ends with a satisfying conclusion.  Couple a much better-than-average story for an FPS with the (sometimes too) familiar game play of the first BioShock and the [...]

My friend Matt “Powers” Wilson, the creator of the Sam and Nate characters from the Classic Pub strips, posted some pretty excellent feedback to today’s strip: Not that I have any right to tell you how to do your comic… but I wonder if you could have excised the second panel and pushed the monologue [...]

Yeah, so, Dave asked me to post something right before he logged out and dashed home from work around 5 today.  I then also rushed home and then forgot all about it.  I feel pretty bad about it, because Dave spent the better part of the afternoon working on some spiffy new wallpaper. When we [...]

Hi all. Happy Tuesday. So while we are on a bit of a break between chapters I thought that it would be a good time to talk about the first chapter a bit. Bob and I have learned a ton over the last 8 strips. So much has changed since we first launched the strip [...]

I bought Mass Effect the day it came out, and played it through to the end.  I loved it so much that I immediately started a new character and started a second play through.  That’s when Mass Effect murdered my XBox 360.  I was playing through a mission and, at about the same point each [...]

Before I start to completely ramble, let me point folks over to the sidebar on the right.  I’d encourage people who are interested in keeping tabs on the things that the TP crew is working on to become a fan on Facebook, or to follow us on Twitter.  Lastly, at the bottom of each blog post and [...]

Good afternoon everyone. Just letting you know about a few minor tweaks to the site. We have removed the links section over there on the right sidebar, and put in two new links to follow Towne Pub on Twitter and to become a fan of the new Towne Pub Facebook page. We added a link [...]

We here at the Ye Olde Towne Pub Institute for Perfection understand that navigation of the strip archives is a little odd at the moment.  If you click on the most recent page of the Reboot to the Head saga, page 4, and then hit the button below the strip to move to the previous [...]

Happy Today to you all. We just made a couple changes which will fix a few broken things around here. First, the associated Comic posts will show up here on the main page, so yay for that. No more double posting Second, the archives are fixed now too. Feel free to go check out the [...]