This is fun times for me, and Bobby as well I would guess.

It has been a long time since I have gotten to work on a new TP strip.  I’m a bit rusty to say the least, but like Stella, I think that I have gotten back my groove.

Bobby is knocking it out of the park with his new technique of drawing with a pencil between his toes!  :)

It’s quite an improvement over anything that we have done before in terms of the quality of the digital file itself.  The new drawing/inking method with his Wacom tablet allows for us to always be dealing with a digital image, forgoing the step of scanning in his drawings.   It also allows for more flexibility with the drawing itself as we can deal with each element as its own layer.

We have two strips currently in development.  One would probably be considered done in the past, but we disagree with our past-selves so are continuing to work on it.

We are building up a bucket of stuff so that we can get a bit ahead and stay on task.

Once we start posting, we would really like to be able to stick to some kind of a schedule, even if it is only once every month, or once a year or so to start off.  It would still be an improvement on our recent posting schedule!

It is very easy to let this get away from us and not publish new strips for LITERALLY YEARS and neither of us wants that to happen again.

Anyway, hang in there because we have some fun coming your way!

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  1. phinn

    A “Stella Got Her Groove Back” joke? Really?

    Penis check.

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