Bob is now tweeting away on strip progress (mostly on his computer issues it seems  lol) up on Twitter.  I have been tweeting about inane things for a few months now for no particular reason.

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  1. phinn

    Yeah, for some reason the magic wand tool was randomly crashing PS, but in a predictable way. I know, weird. But, for example, if there was one part of the image I tried to select with the wand, and it crashed, I would restart the app, try to select the same area, and it would crash again.

    Even more bizarre would be when I actually lost that part of the image because I hadn’t saved, and I’d recreate it from scratch, try to select it, and it would crash again. And yet, selecting another part of the image 1/4 inch away worked just fine. Hell, even selecting small, regular areas (like the triangle inside a capital letter A) was crashing, but selecting weird complex shapes (like the outline of a hand drawn character) would work just fine.

    I tried rebooting but had 11 patches/updates queued up for install, so I did. Then the wacom stopped working. Then I had to install 2 more patches and reboot again. Then the wacom worked fine and I said screw the magic wand and finished the strip without it.

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