Good afternoon everyone.

Just letting you know about a few minor tweaks to the site. We have removed the links section over there on the right sidebar, and put in two new links to follow Towne Pub on Twitter and to become a fan of the new Towne Pub Facebook page.

We added a link to the menu bar at the top of the page to easily get to the latest strip without having to dig for a link in one of the posts.

Under each post and on each page you will find a Share This button to share content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Email, Digg, Delicious, and so on.

Our resident writer and artist is having issues with the latest strip. At 10:31am he tells me that he finally decided that the strip kicks hiney.

At 10:36am, he comments on his post saying that it is not great and that a new version might go up.

What say you?


The pictures to the left of the post there are small parts of other strips. On the old, non-WordPress site, you could click on the images to see what strip they were from. Now you can again!

I just fixed up the DB (read, HACKED) and wrote (read, mangled) some PHP to make it happen.

If you were ever wondering why there was a giant Volton-looking dog robot that showed up here every once and awhile, click away and you can find out.

I also added two new portraits from two of the new strips.

Have a great weekend. If you see Bob, tell him to put down Mass Effect 2, and get inking!

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  1. phinn

    Mmmm. Volton.

    The changes I want to make are relatively minor, but important (to me). I’ll only do it if I finish the inks on page 6.

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