Yeah, so, Dave asked me to post something right before he logged out and dashed home from work around 5 today.  I then also rushed home and then forgot all about it.  I feel pretty bad about it, because Dave spent the better part of the afternoon working on some spiffy new wallpaper.

When we were working on page 9 of the Reboot to the Head saga, we really wanted to make the background feel like a real bar.  That meant filling the walls with the kind of stuff you’d see in a bar.   The first thing that sprang to mind for me was the Captain Morgan Poster that we’ve all seen like a million times.  Of course on a planet of feline aliens, we can’t have a normal looking Captain Morgan.  And so, Captain Felix was born.  You can spot him on the right wall, in the back of page 9.

I knew I was going to be needing the poster in several panels over the next few pages, so I drew it in a separate file, at fairly high resolution and quality.  Then Dave colored it, and added the textured “old parchment” background and border.  Dave was then able to insert the poster into the background and adjust for the perspective.  We had always planned on posting the full sized poster image today to give people something amusing to look at, but then Dave went above and beyond and made some really spiffy wallpaper, which you can find on the Goodies page.

Sorry that this isn’t more substantial.  I’m a bit distracted at the moment.  Either way, please enjoy!

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