We here at the Ye Olde Towne Pub Institute for Perfection understand that navigation of the strip archives is a little odd at the moment.  If you click on the most recent page of the Reboot to the Head saga, page 4, and then hit the button below the strip to move to the previous page, you will not find page 3, but instead a silly, homicidal, radioactive squirrel that I drew on a lark as part of Tuesday’s sketch.  This certainly makes trying to reread the first few pages of the new story arc a bit uneven.

Dave assures me that the problem is correctable, and he’ll get to it when he can.  As it turns out, he’s actually working at work today.  Or something.  So he can’t get to it right this second, which he would, if he wasn’t a selfish, cold hearted bastard.  Which he is.

In the mean time, you can view individual storylines without the clutter by clicking on the “Categories” shortcuts on the lower part of the left sidebar.  For example, clicking on the Reboot to the Head option on the sidebar will navigate to a new page that shows only the first four pages of Reboot, with the newest page on top.  You can use this, along with your browser’s handy dandy “back” button, to navigate from page to page.  Yes, it’s clunky, but it’s also only temporary.  Because, again, Dave’s fault.  The end.

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  1. Dave Grabert

    Bob is right. I am a cold hearted snake. Look into my eyes! Oh no! I’ve been telling lies.

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