Hello all! I am alive. I was sick last week and on vacation over the holidays.

I hope that you are all enjoying the new strips!

First off, we have to apologize. We had re-sized the first two strips down inadvertently. I just fixed that and re-uploaded strips one and two. We were off by 161 pixels in width! OOPS! Looks a lot better now!!!

Also, as it is Tuesday, we have something NEW for you.

Click on that “BTS” link up in the menubar and take a look at how we go about creating these strips!

I have a feeling that we will add more to this page as we go on.

ALSO ALSO, we have moved the wallpaper that was posted last Tuesday over to the Goodies page.


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  1. phinn

    Actually, I just preserved the same dimensions (8.5×11″) and dropped the resolution to 72 dpi. So nyah :P

  2. Dave Grabert

    Yeah well that is not how we used to do it back in the day there Bobbers!

    It’s ok. We are still old and rusty.

  3. phinn

    Yeah, well, we don’t do a lot of stuff like we used to. And besides, 773 pixels just happened to be the width of the very first strip purely by chance after I’d scanned it, cropped it, and resized it. It’s totally arbitrary.

    But..I like the bigger ones more anyway.

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