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Happy Birthday, Ye Olde Towne Pub!

Reboot to the Head 11

Short Version: Deeply flawed and disappointing, especially in the first third of the game.  Fortunately, things really begin to pick up in the final two acts, and the game ends with a satisfying conclusion.  Couple a much better-than-average story for an FPS with the (sometimes too) familiar game play of the first BioShock and the [...]

My friend Matt “Powers” Wilson, the creator of the Sam and Nate characters from the Classic Pub strips, posted some pretty excellent feedback to today’s strip: Not that I have any right to tell you how to do your comic… but I wonder if you could have excised the second panel and pushed the monologue [...]

Reboot to the Head 10

Yeah, so, Dave asked me to post something right before he logged out and dashed home from work around 5 today.  I then also rushed home and then forgot all about it.  I feel pretty bad about it, because Dave spent the better part of the afternoon working on some spiffy new wallpaper. When we [...]

Reboot to the Head 09